Engineering Service

The ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT proposes and implements project development services to achieve the mandate of the Trinidad and Tobago Housing Development Corporation Construction Company Limited (CCL). Accordingly, the Engineering Department’s main duties and responsibilities are as follows:

• Implements proposals for new housing developments.

• Develops projects in accordance with the affordable housing bands, utilizing a holistic approach with specific focus on design and cost optimization for sustainability, urban regeneration and climate resilience.


• Implements systems for site planning, architectural and engineering design, design specifications, employer’s requirements and suitable conditions of contract from a technical perspective.


• Prepares strategies through design and value engineering to ensure affordable housing needs are meet from the customer’s perspective and sustainability.


• Reviews all design plans for construction and verifies as-built drawings.


• Ensures overall integrity of the housing programme focusing on internal

consistency, coherence and various interfaces.


• Manages the housing programme’s budget, monitoring expenditure and costs against delivered and realised benefits.


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