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To be internationally recognized as a premier provider of affordable, quality and sustainable homes for low and middle-income citizens.
To Engineer communities where families can thrive.

Brand Reputation; Unrelenting; Integrity; Leadership; Diversity (BUILD).

Company Profile
The Trinidad and Tobago Housing Development Corporation Construction Company Limited (“the CCL”) was established in 2022 as a subsidiary of its Holding Company, the Trinidad and Tobago Housing Development Corporation(“the HDC”), and was tasked with managing the HDC’s property development mandate.
The CCL is a reputable, reliable and knowledge-driven Project Management Company which provides residential planning, engineering and construction management solutions, including but not limited to urban planning, land & statutory approval acquisitions, engineering designs, project financing, contractor procurement, and oversight & management of construction activities. The CCL manages a wide variety of projects, ranging from several hundreds of thousands of dollars to hundreds of millions. The CCL team is composed of 79 multidisciplinary professionals with wide-ranging skills and expertise to ensure that quality project are delivered on schedule and within budget.

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